Top 120 álbumes

La banda sonora de mi puta vida en álbumes

Los álbumes no son tan significativos como las canciones sueltas para entender la verdadera idiosincracia de mis gustos musicales, pero vale para hacerse una idea.

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A Night At The Opera

1 Queen

Abbey Road

2 Beatles, The


3 Muse

Black Sabbath

4 Black Sabbath

De Mi Sangre A Tus Cuchillas

5 El Columpio Asesino

El Columpio Asesino

6 El Columpio Asesino

Fear Of The Dark

7 Iron Maiden

Franz Ferdinand

8 Franz Ferdinand

Give Me Fire

9 Mando Diao

Is This It

10 The Strokes

Led Zeppelin Ii

11 Mando Diao

Led Zeppelin Iv

12 Led Zeppelin

Mother Earth

13 Within Temptation

Origin Of Simmetry

14 Muse


15 Iron Maiden

Queen I

16 Queen

Queen Ii

17 Queen

Room On Fire

18 The Strokes

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

19 Iron Maiden


20 Lagartija Nick

White Album

21 Beatles, The

You Could Have It So Much Better

22 Franz Ferdinand

Abba Gold

23 Abba

El Futuro No Es De Nadie

24 Dorian


25 The Rolling Stones

Greatest Hits The Police

26 Police, The

In From The Storm

27 Jimi Hendrix

Los Punsetes

28 Los Punsetes

The Man Who Sold The World

29 David Bowie

The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust

30 David Bowie


31 Weezer


32 Arctic Monkeys


33 Héroes Del Silencio


34 Julio De La Rosa

Road Movie

35 Krakovia


36 Immediate Music

Black Holes And Revelations

37 Muse

Black Market Music

38 Placebo

Bring Em In

39 Mando Diao

Física Y Química

40 Joaquín Sabina

Heaven And Hell

41 Black Sabbath

Hotel Dulce Hotel

42 Joaquín Sabina

Hurricane Bar

43 Mando Diao

In Rock

44 Deep Purple


45 Lagartija Nick

Juez Y Parte

46 Joaquín Sabina

Led Zeppelin I

47 Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin Iii

48 Led Zeppelin

Live Evil

49 Black Sabbath

Lo Imprevisto

50 Lagartija Nick

Machine Head

51 Deep Purple


52 Placebo


53 Black Sabbath

Piece Of Mind

54 Iron Maiden

Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

55 Pink Floyd

Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

56 Beatles, The

Sheer Heart Attack

57 Queen


58 Muse

The Heart Of Everything

59 Within Temptation

The Silent Force

60 Within Temptation

The Wall

61 Pink Floyd


62 Franz Ferdinand

Without You Im Nothing

63 Placebo

Achtung Baby

64 U2

Das Not Compute

65 Division Of Laura Lee

Different Class

66 Pulp


67 Evanescence


68 Van Canto

Internal Wrangler

69 Clinic


70 Metallica

Morrison Hotel

71 Doors, The


72 Nirvana

No Line On The Horizon

73 U2


74 Ramones

Rocket To Russia

75 Ramones

Space Odity

76 David Bowie

The Doors

77 Doors, The

The Open Door

78 Evanescence


79 Michel Jackson

Turn On The Bright Lights

80 Interpol

Violence Is Timeless

81 Division Of Laura Lee

Grandes éxitos De Otros

82 Niños Mutantes

Greatest Hits Boney M

83 Boney M


84 Sarassas Music

The Freddie Mercury Album

85 Freddie Mercury

Todo Es El Momento

86 Niños Mutantes

Black City

87 Joy Division


88 Red Hot Chili Peppers

Greatest Hits Simon And Garfunkel

89 Simon & Garfunkel

This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours

90 Manic Street Preachers


91 Yngwie Malmsteen

Never Seen The Light Of Day

92 Mando Diao

Wish You Be Here

93 Pink Floyd

A Storm To Come

94 Van Canto

Manual Para Los Fieles

95 Los Piratas

Ok Computer

96 Radiohead


97 Who, The


98 Who, The

Walking With Thee

99 Clinic

Algo Cambió

100 Astrud


101 Jethro Tull

Cuando El Destino Nos Alcance

102 Lori Meyers

El Día De La Tormenta

103 The Storm


104 Kaiser Chiefs


105 The Essence

Greatest Hits Bob Marley

106 Bob Marley

Greatest Hits Jackson 5

107 Jackson 5

Greatest Hits Lenny Kravitz

108 Lenny Kravitz

Greatest Hits Madness

109 Madness

I Should Coco

110 Supergrass

Mi Fracaso Personal

111 Astrud

Nadando A Croll

112 El Hombre Burbuja

Out Of Time

113 REM


114 Blur

The Great Escape

115 Blur

The Stone Roses

116 Stone Roses, The

The Very Best Of

117 Dire Straits


118 Iggy Pop

Hot Fuss

119 The Killers

International Velvet

120 Catatonia